S2E4 – Adam Hoden…In My Vag…nah too easy

SeasonTwo, Episode Four of Heals&Headshots!

What we did this week:

We had the great honor of interviewing the great actor, Adam Howden. You might recognize his voice from several games such as Fable 3, SWoTR, Xenoblade Chronicles, Adventures of Tintin, and Anders from Dragon Age2. Adam was such a good sport and answered our questions that varied from his acting experiences to his thoughts on American tv shows. We even managed to make him blush! After the interview, we were completely wiped out and maybe had a little too much to drink. Either way, there were lots of laughs and plenty more inappropriate jokes! Mallory also shares some recent awkward social moments and also an infamous run-in she had with Jimmy Fallon.

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News in the Gaming world:
E3 Happened


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iPoo App | Goose named 50Cent | Bare Hand Castration

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