s1e12 – The Vagina Centipede

SeasonOne, Episode Twelve of Heals&Headshots!

Woah Nelly! Take your panties off for another fun poop fart penis filled episode of the Heals&Headshots podcast!!

Question of the Week!
We want you to send us a clip of YOU saying Heals&Headshots for us to use in our bumper! You’ll be famous!

What we did this week:
Mallory spent some quality time reading and dogsitting, started her online class while work has been super stressful. Noel owned some PVP face, rocked some Valentines day parties with some amazing cupcakes, got addicted even more to Tiny Towers and Pinterest.

News in the Gaming world:
ME3 Demo is out | Study shows games are good for eyes | Alan Wake: American Nightmare | Last of Us | Ugly fucking mount now available in the blizzard store. No thanks. | Update to the talent calculator | Some hunter solo’d Algalon

TV, Movie, and Game Reviews:
More Tudors, Fringe is frustrating me, Walking Dead is back yay!! I love Norman Reedus! | Take Shelter – wow. Not for everyone. Its sort of slow. But gave me chills in the end |  Woman in Black – enjoyable good old fashioned horror movie! | MOTHER FUCKING DOWNTON ABBEY BITCHES | The River didn’t get great reviews from either ladies | Walking Dead | Grey’s/Private Practice cross over episode had Noel’s gramma panties all wet 

World of fucked up and not so fucked up news:
Officer Chased himself | Man sends pics of stolen undies Someone Needs To Put A Cap In Chris Brown | Hairy Armpit woman chased off a train | Po po beat on a dude who was thrown from a car on the freeway and was totally unconscious | Creepy fucking illustration | Mallory has gotten pretty desperate to get laid | Noel found the perfect guy for Mallory

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